Effective July 1, 2014, the City of Newberg no longer has an animal control program.

Emergency dog control issues should be directed to YCOM at (503) 434-6500.  Other non-emergency issues regarding dogs should be directed to the Yamhill County Dog Control at (503) 434-7538.  Yamhill County Dog Control does not handle issues with cats or other animals.

Newberg Animal Shelter Friends (NASF) is currently managing the Newberg animal shelter. The shelter is open every day from 10:00 to Noon and by appointment (if later).   Persons wishing to contact NASF may call 503-554-9285 and leave a message to make an appointment.

Licenses are required for all dogs in Yamhill County over 6 months of age or possessing their canine teeth.

 You can obtain a dog license in Newberg by contacting the local vet clinics. You may also obtain a license through Yamhill County Dog Control located at 2070 Lafayette Avenue, McMinnville.
The Newberg Animal Shelter accepts donations of pet food, animal supplies and monies. All proceeds are used toward the care of the animals and upkeep of the shelter.

The Newberg Animal Shelter is located at 1591 S. Sandoz Road off of Wynooski Road.

Newberg Animal Shelfter Friends are accepting volunteer applications. Shelter volunteers must be 18 years old. Fill out their volunteer application and and mail to the shelter at 901 Brutscher St. Suite D PMB #107, Newberg, OR 97132.

NASF Volunteer application can be accessed here: