$14 a cu. yard in Bulk   Cash or Check(accepting Credit Cards soon)

$4.50 per small garden bag - available while supplies last

REGULAR HOURS:  Monday - Friday 8:00am-3:30pm

New Entrance east side of property at RV Station.  4 blocks west of Sandoz rd on Wynooski.

2301 Wynooski Rd. Newberg  - Open during Road Construction   

Check availability ph:503-537-1252 #1    Delivery not provided        




NEWGROW brand is:
* NOT made from livestock manure or yard debris
* Free of pathogens, plant debris
* Heat cured in temperature controlled indoor bays
* Digitally monitored cure process
* Laboratory tested & pathogen free
* Meets EPA class A status "For use without restriction"

We can load as small as 1/2 yard or as large as a commercial truck.     Delivery not provided

THIS PRODUCT IS FULLY CURED TO MEET EPA  "CLASS A" standard FOR USE WITHOUT RESTRICTIONS. It exceeds all EPA and DEQ standards. It is low in metals concentration, free of pathogenic organisms, and will not attract rats, flies, or other pests. It has a neutral PH of 7.0 and a low carbon content.  It is tested and monitored throughout the heat curing process.

(Class A designation Under Oregon Code of Federal Regulations, Chapter 40, Part 503 (40CFR503)  NEWGROW COMPOST is a ‘CLASS A’ product with no restriction on its use.

How much will fill my truck ?

  • A full size pickup with dimensions of: 8’ long X 5.33’ wide X 1.5’ high.   When loaded level can hold between 2 and 2.5 cubic yards of material.
  • A standard short-bed pickup with dimensions of: 6’ long X 4.5’ wide X 1.5’ high.  When loaded level  can hold 1.5 cubic yards of material.      
    • 1 yard will not fill either size truck bed level.

Refer to your owners manual for Load weight limits.

How Much Do I Need ?
1 cubic yard of material = 27 cubic feet = 10sq foot area 2-3 inches deep.          Formula: L x W x D (in feet) divided by 27

The City is not responsible for knowing the capacity of your trailer or truck. It is the driver / owners responsibility to know the weight and load restrictions for their vehicle and for the legal operation of their trailer or truck on Oregon roadways.       Operators will load the amount the customer requests and purchases.   


The Process

Wastewater treatment facilities collect wastewater from residential sources and must treat the wastewater to meet safety standards before release. The liquids and solids are separated during treatment. Microorganisms then digest the solid material, leaving behind a byproduct that mostly consists of the cells of these miniature cleaning crews.

The City of Newberg then uses this by-product in the composting process.  It is further "de-watered" and mixed with clean sawdust

and placed into temperature controlled bays where it must reach temperatures of 52-55 C for a specific number of consecutive days. This composting method removes or "cooks" out the pathogens - leaving high quality clean compost.

The "bays" are monitored 24 hours a day with temperature probes placed at regular intervals. In addition the compost is tested in our laboratory and must meet EPA standards or it is not placed out for public sale.

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Composition of Newgrow Dec 2015 data
Mixed w clean sawdust which results in the look of dark aged barkdust
New Entrance Map
Loaded in Bulk into your truck or utility trailer