The City of Newberg Water and Wastewater systems are regulated at three levels.

  • At the Local level by the Public Works Director and the City Manager who answer to the City Council. City ordinance are established in compliance with State and Federal regulations.
  • Local citizens can volunteer to be a part of the Citizens Rate Review Committee.   This committee reviews and recommends rates based upon future growth, infrastructure, maintenance and other factors.  The recommendation is then presented to City Council for consideration. 
  • At the State level the Oregon Department of Environmental Quality is responsible for regulating sewage treatment systems, storm water, groundwater systems, industrial dischargers and setting total maximum daily load levels for rivers and streams. 
  • At the national level the Federal Environmental Protection Agency delegated authority to the Oregon DEQ to implement the federal Clean Water Act and parts of the federal Safe Drinking Water Act in Oregon. The EPA oversees how DEQ carries out both laws and also has separate enforcement authority under these laws to monitor and regulate water and wastewater systems.

EPA Statement on Chromium-6 in Drinking Water
WASHINGTON – EPA issued the following statement and background information in response to a study released on December 20, 2010 by the Environmental Working Group:

“EPA absolutely has a drinking water standard for total chromium, which includes chromium-6 (also known as Hexavalent Chromium), and we require water systems to test for it. This standard is based on the best available science and is enforceable by law. Ensuring safe drinking water for all Americans is a top priority for EPA. The agency regularly re-evaluates drinking water standards and, based on new science on chromium-6, had already begun a rigorous and comprehensive review of its health effects. In September, we released a draft of that scientific review for public comment. When this human health assessment is finalized in 2011, EPA will carefully review the conclusions and consider all relevant information, including the Environmental Working Group’s study, to determine if a new standard needs to be set.”

Currently, the total chromium standard is 0.1 mg/L (100 parts per billion).
Our latest data shows no U.S. utilities are in violation of the standard.

More information on chromium:

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