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South Industrial UGB Amendment, Economic Opportunities Analysis Revisions


Newberg is a thriving community that boasts a high quality of life, good jobs, parks, schools and other institutions, and a strong sense of community.  Newberg also is growing.   In order to keep Newberg a community where citizens can “live here, work here, and shop here,” we must make strong efforts to retain and attract businesses that can employ our citizens and bring new resources to the community.
To achieve this goal, the City has adopted an economic development strategy that focuses both on retaining and growing existing businesses and on recruiting new businesses.  Newberg has four primary existing business clusters that will likely continue to expand and attract new business: manufacturing, health care, higher education, and the wine/tourism industry.  Unfortunately, Newberg finds itself with a severe shortage of industrial land within its Urban Growth Boundary (UGB) to retain and attract these types of industries, particularly in the manufacturing cluster. 
To address this shortage, Newberg is proposing to include the land on the south side of Newberg near Highway 219, Wynooski Road and Wilsonville Road into the Urban Growth Boundary and designate that land industrial.  The area has large, level sites, has excellent access, is adjacent to existing industrial areas, and has natural buffers from residential areas. 

The Industrial UGB Amendment report provides findings in support of several proposed changes:
  • Inclusion of 132 gross buildable acres (260 total acres) into the Newberg Urban Growth Boundary (UGB).  Of the 132 gross buildable acres, 129 acres would receive a comprehensive plan designation of Industrial (IND), and 3 gross buildable acres would be designated Public/Quasi-Public (PQ).
  • Redesignation of 1 gross buildable acre (7 total acres) of land already in the Newberg UGB from Medium Density Residential (MDR) to Industrial (IND).
  • Comprehensive Plan map amendments to include the revised UGB area and new plan designations.
  • Amendment to the Transportation System Plan to include the future transportation plan for the south industrial area.
  • Adoption of the revised Newberg Economic Opportunities Analysis (EOA).
  • Comprehensive Plan text amendments to adopt revised population projections and incorporate updated information from the EOA.
Documents relating to this proposal may be viewed at the links below.
Hearings Schedule.
The Newberg Urban Area Management Commission heard the proposed amendment, and recommended approval. The Newberg City Council adopted the amendment at its May 20, 2013 meeting.  The Yamhill County Commissioners adopted the proposal at their July 18, 2013 meeting.  The approved amendment has been submitted to the Oregon Department of Land Conservation and Development for review.  The Department has schedule a hearing with the Land Conservation and Development Commission for February 13, 2014 to consider the proposal.