Your Library Card Just Got Bigger!

The Newberg Public Library is participating in a three year pilot project to expand your access to Oregon libraries.   Your library card is your passport to libraries across Oregon.   Do you have a summer home?  Visit relatives or work in another county?  Now you may be able obtain a library card for that library and use it like your own.  Check the web site to see which Oregon libraries are participating. 

Here's how the program works.

If you have a full service Newberg/CCRLS* library card and would like to use another library in Oregon:

  1. Come to Newberg Public Library to get your Oregon Library Passport Program sticker for your full service Newberg/CCRLS* library card.  This is your passport to other Oregon libraries.
  2. Check the website: to see if the library in Oregon you would like to use is participating.
  3. Take your Newberg/CCRLS library card (with the sticker!) to that library and whatever identification the library requires to obtain a card at their library.  This is usually photo ID with proof of address.
  4. Use that library under their procedures.  
  5. REMEMBER, you must return checked out material to the library from which you borrowed.  Due to costs, Newberg Library will not mail materials back for you and you will likely accrue late fees.

*A full service card is issued to those who live within the boundaries of the City of Newberg or those who have purchased a non-resident library card.  


If you are from another area of Oregon and would like to use the Newberg Public Library: 

  1. Make sure your home library is participating in the Oregon Library Passport Program at
  2. Bring your library card from your home library along with photo ID and proof of address to the upstairs information desk at the Newberg Public Library. 
  3. We'll issue you a Newberg/CCRLS Oregon Library Passport Program  library card.
  4. This card is a limited use card and allows check out of 3 items at a time and 3 items on hold at a time. 
  5. Because not all CCRLS libraries are participating in this pilot, you may place holds only with those libraries that are participating. 
  6. The card does not allow access to online databases and services that require a library card to sign in.  Databases are governed by legally binding licenses based on residency.   Interlibrary loan is also not available.   These services may be available from your home library.