Before you burn….. 

The following information is valid for those burning within the City of Newberg, and the Newberg Rural Fire Protection District - ONLY. If you would like to burn yard debris, and/or agricultural waste, you MUST call the burn information line on the day you would like to burn. Burning for each day is governed by DEQ and/or the Department of Agriculture who send us the message for each day. The burn line is updated daily at 8am.

The only materials allowable to burn are yard debris, prunings, organic materials, and agricultural wastes. The burning of any other products, household waste, garbage, plastics, and industrial/construction wastes are prohibited at all times.

City Burners:

There are two City burn seasons per year:
                                                              ==> March 1 thru June 15 <==
                                                        ==> October 1 thru December 15 <==

These are the ONLY times of year that people who live within the City are allowed to burn. To receive a burn permit, you must call on the burn line (503-538-7441), and if it is a burn day, leave your name, address, and phone number. This issues you your one day burn permit for that specific day. ALL FIRES WITHIN THE CITY MUST BE FULLY EXTINGUISHED BY DARK.

Rural/Agricultural Burners:
Agricultural burning (outside of the city) is allowed on a day by day basis all year round. If you have a small pile, or a pile without stumps, that can easily burn out by dark, simply call on the burn line (503-538-7441), and IF IT IS A BURN DAY, leave your name, address, and phone number. This issues you a one day burn permit for that specific day.

Written Permits:
Large agricultural piles, or piles with stumps, require a written permit to allow them to burn up to five (5) consecutive days, and after dark.  To obtain a written permit, come to the fire station during normal business hours (8am – 5pm, Monday through Thursday; 8am - 4pm, Friday).  This permit allows the pile to burn for up to 5 consecutive days, without extinguishing the fire. It is your responsibility to call the burn line daily to make sure it is a burn day  If during your 5 day period one or more days are not burn days, on those closed days DO NOT stir or add to your pile, just allow it to burn on its own - you do not need to extinguish the pile. 

When the five days have passed, you may call the fire department business line (503-537-1230, option 2), to obtain a five day extension. Extensions can be issued in five day increments for one (1) year from the date the permit was written. You must call the burn information line each day to make sure it is a burn day.

If you have any questions, please contact us on the fire department business line, 503-537-1230, option 2.