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Newberg Old Fashioned Festival

The 33rd Annual Newberg Old Fashioned Festival will be held on July 25 - 28, 2013, and it's theme will be "The American Dream".

If you would like to participate as a vendor in Memorial Park, or have questions about vendors, AFTER 3/15 - please call  503-537-1230, option 2.  Applcations and information are also avaiallbe on the Old Fashioned Festival website under the "FORMS" tab, the address is:

For other festival information, please contact:  Russ Thomas, Featival Chair, at - or simply visit the Old Fashioned Festival website.

The Old Fashioned Festival is one of 4 fundraisers that Newberg Fire Department conducts. The department registers and organizes vendors in Memorial Park, as well as provides 24 hour security and clean-up.  Fire and EMS personnel stand watch througout the duration of the festival.  Their support of the many vendors and activities that take place in the park help maintain the festival year to year while providing NFD with an opportunity to raise money for the annual Toy & Joy program.