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How to Drive a Roundabout

Roundabouts are becoming popular in Newberg.

When approaching the roundabout,
·         Follow all traffic signs.
·         Watch for pedestrians ahead and yield to them in crosswalks.
·         Look to the left for traffic that circulates the roundabout which has the right-of-way.
·         Approach the yield line and enter the circle when there is an adequate gap in the circulating traffic flow. 
When exiting the roundabout,
·         Proceed counter-clockwise once you are around the circle.
·         Turn on your right turn signal as you approach your exit.
·         Always watch out for pedestrians when you exit.
·         If you miss your exit, continue to circulate the roundabout for your second chance. Do not back up your vehicle.

See the PDF file for detailed rules and etiquette for driving around the roundabout.  If you have questions on how to drive around a roundabout, please contact:
Paul Chiu, P.E., Senior Engineer
City of Newberg – Public Works Department/Engineering Division
Phone: 503.554.1751
Fax: 503.537.1277