The Newberg area is abundant in parks - from small tot lots to large regional parks. 

Chehalem Parks and Recreation District
Most parks in the Newberg area are maintained by the Chehalem Parks and Recreation District.  In addition, the district operates a variety of recreational programs.

Champoeq Park
Champoeg Park is the historic birthplace of Oregon.  It is located 6 miles southeast of Newberg.  Champoeg now offers nature and recreation at its finest. The park provides camping with all amenities: picnic sites, an amphitheater, and bike and hiking trails along the Willamette River. Champoeg's past is preserved in buildings and historical sights. There is an annual Champoeg State Park Pageant. 

Bald Peak State Park
Located just 9 miles northwest of Newberg, Bald Peak State Park provides incredible views of several volcanic peaks.  On a clear day, you can see Mt. Hood, Mt. Adams, Mt. St. Helens, and even Mt. Rainier.  The park offers picknicking and play areas.

Roger's Landing
Newberg is home to one of Oregon's premier boating facilities on the majestic Willamette River.  This park offers expansive parking and a three-lane boat launch. From land or water, Rogers Landing is one of Yamhill County's top recreational resources. Many enjoy strolling the docks at sunset or scanning the skies for blue heron, osprey, kingfishers, or migrating geese. Located on the river's "Newberg Pool", the park is especially popular with water skiers. In spring, fishermen brave the rain to catch salmon near Ash Island, just south of the park. Rogers Landing will be a key stop on the Willamette River Water Trail, a route that will tour canoers and kayakers from Corvallis to Wilsonville, with opportunities for hiking, camping, and exploring along the way.